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JNS produces corrosion-resistant stainless needle roller bearings and inner rings. They are applied in medical, food,packaging, fibre and chemical equipment as well as in other places where high corrosion resistance is required. Since the outer ring,inner ring, and the rollers are made from Martensite stainless steel, high precision  in machining is achieved. The available sizes are the same as the JNS standard products. The stainless types are available in the same sizes as the standard types.

Our needle bearing products boast high-precision,high-rigidity, and high-durability. They are widely usedin production lines for advanced products, such asdigital home appliances, as well as inmanufacturing facilies for semiconductor manufacturing devices, precise construction machinery, and electron microscopes. Ourtechnology supports every type of industry in the world.

Aside from providing our customers with a stable supply of products,immediate delivery has been the standard at Nose Seiko for manyyears. We achieve this through our flexible and efficient productionsystem -the result of extensive industry experience- -that ensureswe are always able to keep an extensive array of products on hand.Nose Seiko strives to provide optimum convenience for customers,responding to emergency orders within the shortest possible deliverytime. Our customers appreciate our commitment to high standards.

JNS RNA 6910 needle roller bearings

7.938 mm 16.8 kN
15 mm 48.7 mm

7 mm x 17 mm x 10 mm JNS NA 497 needle roller bearings

17 mm 36.1 mm
0.3 mm 20.4 kN

JNS RNAF152313 needle roller bearings

1 mm 1 mm
18 mm mm

JNS NK15/20 needle roller bearings

FYTB 510 M/VZ033 127 mm
ECY 210 2.05 kg

JNS RNA 4906 needle roller bearings

9 mm M 40x1.5
MB 8 10 mm

JNS NK90/35 needle roller bearings

0.3 mm 30 mm
0.023 kg 35 mm

JNS RNA 4914 needle roller bearings

900 rpm 460.000 mm
0 rpm 312000 N

50 mm x 68 mm x 35 mm JNS NKI 50/35 needle roller bearings

1.00 mm 95.000 mm
2900 rpm 4800 rpm

45 mm x 68 mm x 22 mm JNS NA 4909 needle roller bearings

9650 kN 534 mm
13 mm 728 mm

JNS RNA 59/28 needle roller bearings

0.64 mm 35.0000 mm
19000 rpm 24000 rpm

25 mm x 42 mm x 17 mm JNS NA 4905 needle roller bearings

30.163 mm 222.25 mm
SNW 20x3.7/16 3/8 NPT

JNS NK12/12M needle roller bearings

71.40 mm 2.00 mm
168000 N 3600 rpm